Top Reasons to Buy the Oppo A54 Camera Phone

With the new Samsung smartphones, like the Oppo A54, you can now get internet coverage wherever you go. With a large battery, a touch screen that responds quickly, a large display and plenty of memory, this handset will make your internet life much easier and mobile entertainment much more enjoyable. In this review I will compare the Oppo A54 to some other leading handsets in the same price range.

Features and Design When looking at the Oppo A 54, you will instantly notice its unique styling. It is one of few devices which has a full metal body, and a black design across the right side and the left. If you look closely at the right edge of the device you will notice that the camera has been placed at the back rather than the front. There is also no flash on the rear. If you like slim designs, then this handset will suit you perfectly. You can fit this into any bag and use it with the right hand without difficulty.

The main camera of the Oppo A54 is placed in such a way that it takes up much less space when compared to others. Despite being a mini camera, the lens is impressively good and provides good pictures in all conditions. When shooting video, there is a very clear focus control which enables you to take perfect shots with any camera. The quality of images is great for the price and it comes with an internal memory of 4GB which can expandable using microSD.

Android Experience Another factor which sets the Oppo A54 apart from other mobiles is its unique and innovative Android experience. You get the option to oppo a54  download Google Play apps and use them on your smartphone. Apart from playing music, watching videos and taking photos, you can also socialize and send messages to other users on the internet using Google Talk. This gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to the Android operating system.

Processor Performance The Oppo A54 is powered by the quad-core Samsung processor. The performance of this tablet is great when it comes to multitasking. The device runs extremely fast and has enough memory for all the data that you want to transfer to your personal computer. When you are on the go, you do not have to worry about the speed of your tablet as it easily works in different places. You can access email, chat and other applications while on the move. In order to make the most of your entertainment time, the Samsung Galaxy A52 comes with a powerful dual core processor which gives you enhanced audio and visual performance.

Storage Space The spacious memory space of the Oppo A54 allows you to store tons of files and other valuable items without any problem. With a 16GB SanDisk slot and a microSD slot, you can easily save plenty of photo and videos. The two cameras of the Oppo A54 are also capable of storing great quality pictures. The rear camera setup of this tablet has an auto-focus system for better shots and you can take as many selfies as you want if you have a high-quality camera.

By Michael Smith
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